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Top 10 Keyword Research And Traffic Checking Tools – Including Free Tools

Keyword Research And Traffic Checking Tools

Keyword research may be a crucial element of recent SEO. Whether you’re kick-starting an old blog or developing your content strategy for a new one; good quality keywords are one of the most efficient ways to attract consistent, quality traffic to your site. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best keyword research tools to help you conquer your content. In fact, many companies invest thousands of dollars to pay for keyword research to get such targeted content. The keywords you select to specialize in for your program optimization (SEO) efforts are critical to the success of your website’s rank. So below in this article, yo will find details about the list of Top 10 keyword Research And Traffic Checking Tools.

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List Of Top 10 keyword Research And Traffic Checking Tools


SEMrush is an “all-in-one marketing toolkit” that features a myriad of SEO-related features. While SEMrush is powerful, the product assumes some knowledge of SEO. However, if you’re new to SEO, you can get teach yourself by using the company’s online Academy, knowledge base, and how-to guides. Start with an initial audit of your website that provides you with the information you need to prepare your SEO improvement plan. This is one of the best SEO tools that you will find.


Ahrefs is a tool for competitive analysis and improvement. It will show you how you can outrank competitors and increase your site traffic. In addition to helping with competitive analysis, Ahrefs comes with features for keyword research, rank tracking, and web monitoring, as well as backlink and content research. Also, Aherf allows you to get traffic estimates for ranking in the top 10 for particular keywords.

MOZ Tool Bar

Moz is designed to help you raise your search engine rankings and visibility in search results to increase website traffic. Site audits and continuous monitoring show you exactly what actions you need to take. In fact, Moz also tracks your website’s rankings across multiple search engines, performs backlink analysis, and compares these to your competition. Whereas, it also helps you with in-depth keyword research.


SpyFu is a simple, easy-to-use PPC research tool that reveals your competitors’ advertising history, up to the past 13 years. You can then use this information to drive changes in your own SEO and ad strategy. How it works: You provide the domain name of your competitor, and SpyFu returns information. You’ll also find information about all of your competitors’ PPC ad efforts. For example, you can discover your competitors’ most profitable keywords they’re using in search ads,

Google Ads / Google Keyword Planner

Google Ads aren’t SEO, strictly speaking, but we can’t leave it off the list. In fact, Google Ads enables you to shop for ads that appear in program results for specific keywords. You pick the keywords you want to be associated with your website, and whenever someone clicks on your ad after searching for that term, you pay. Each keyword has a cost associated with it. Typically, the more competition there is for a keyword, the higher the cost.

Raven Tools

Their Site Auditor analyzes your website to find all SEO-related issues that might be preventing you from rising higher in rankings. From there, you can create a report that contains all of the discovered information, which is helpful if you seek outside assistance with your SEO projects, or if you’re a marketer creating a baseline for a client. Ravel Tools provides an all-in-one platform for SEO and white-labeled SEO reports.

Clear scope

Clear scope uses AI (artificial intelligence) to help marketers ensure that the content they produce is highly correlated to user intent. In other words, the searcher is trying to find answers to a question. They type in a query. How well your content answers that query (and therefore satisfies the searcher) will impact the search engine ranking of that content. The interface is simple and easy to use for your team — including writers, editors, SEOs, and content strategists.


Majestic may be a map-making tool that finds link-related data including who links to your website. The company states that they have the largest database of link indexes. This SEO tool focused almost exclusively on backlinks with little attention to other SEO-related items. Nevertheless, we think that it would work well in your SEO toolkit and allow you to know how your website fits in with other relevant sites on the internet.

Keyword Tools is a keyword research and planner tool. It is useful for determining the best keywords for your PPC (pay-per-click) search ad campaigns. Enter a keyword and Keyword Tool returns with a list of 750+ related keywords, including long-tail keywords. You can opt into the paid decide to get more keywords per search. The technology news behind Keyword Tool uses Google Autocomplete to assist generate the info that’s returned to you. Many people find it’s easier and faster to use than the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool.


First of all, MarketMuse helps you optimize your existing content by identifying coverage gaps. It will analyze thousands of competing articles and present a prioritized list of improvements, centered around “topics.” The topics are weighted, showing you which to prioritize. MarketMuse identifies opportunities for improvements that will increase audience engagement. This software strives to be an all-in-one content solution by providing writing and editing tools and space to share your research notes, draft outlines, and briefs.

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