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Best Plugins For WordPress Website

Best Plugins For WordPress Website

There are lots of people who are looking to start a blog. There is no doubt that the blogging industry has been growing rapidly since the early development of the internet. Whereas, Plugins, as we all know, extend WordPress’s capabilities. In fact, with over 24% of the web is powered by WordPress, it’s one of those things that is quite literally cleaning the Internet. Whereas, WordPress’s next goal is to turn that 24% into 50%, it’s clear that WordPress is all the heat. In this article, you will find details about the list of best Plugins for WordPress website

List Of Best Best Plugins For WordPress Website

Yoast SEO

Firstly, a lot of what we know about what SEO has now changed a lot more. Also, a lot of more have ben remained the same like creating content that is optimized for Google search. But, creating that content correctly can be of a hassle if you don’t know what you’ve done right and what you’ve done wrong. Here’s where the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin comes in.

Jetpack by

There is a lot to love about the JetPack plugin, making it another must-have WordPress plugin.  Whereas, it is an ideal plugin for stats, related posts, search engine optimization, social sharing, protection, backups, security, and more. Additionally, there are over 30 modules that you can activate to help you run a tighter faster ship.


WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce solution built on WordPress. Sell anything, anywhere and make your way. In fact, it took the more difficult aspects of creating and running an online store with WP and made it about as easy as humanly possible.

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static HTML files. Whereas one reason why this belongs to our list of best WordPress plugins is that it is easy to use and setup. Just install, activate, check a few boxes to configure the plugins and you’re pretty much good to go.

Google Analytics by Yoast

Firstly, when you’re running an online venture, there are a lot of things you need to check on to keep a tight running ship like Google Analytics and your WordPress site. Though thankfully, the Google Analytics plugin by Yoast saves the need to open that extra browser tab.

If you have any queries or any other plugin then you can drop it in the comment section below. Also, bookmark this page for more updates.

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